How Do We Achieve Full Scope?

Factors to Consider: Barriers and Enablers

A summary of factors that influence the implementation of maximizing nurses’ full scope utilization in primary care settings is presented below. Based on a literature review to inform this project, validation with key members of the project team, and the results of a survey of 199 professionals and administrators of primary care teams across Ontario, the following barriers and enablers have been outlined and discussed. Through the survey, the barriers and enablers have been prioritized as to their influence in achieving full scope of practice utilization. The most important enablers to maximizing nurses’ full scope of practice utilization are  listed below in order of priority:

Key Messages

1. Team communication
2. Team trust
3. Resources for education
4. Staff readiness
5. Organizational culture
6. Understanding rationale for full scope
7. Role clarity
8. Patient population
9. Change management
10. Funding models
11. Time available
12. Liability considerations
13. Other