Exploring the role of RNs in family practice residency training programs

TitleExploring the role of RNs in family practice residency training programs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAllard M, Frego A, Katz A, Halas G
JournalThe Canadian nurse
ISBN Number0008-4581
KeywordsBeliefs, Family nursing, Family Practice - education, Family Practice - organization & administration, Internship and Residency - organization & administration, Nurse and physician, Nurse's Role - psychology, Nurses, Nursing Staff - education, Nursing Staff - organization & administration, Nursing Staff - psychology, opinions and attitudes, Primary Health Care - organization & administration, Research

The authors developed a survey as part of a study to explore the role of nurses employed in Canadian family practice residency training programs, which provide physicians with two years of additional training after they have completed undergraduate medical education. Licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and nurse practitioners employed at residency traininig program sites have a unique opportunity to educate new physician about nursing scopes of practice and about how to work effectively with nurses. A total of 127 nurses, including 94 RNs, from 41 program sites across Canada completed the survey. In this article, the authors present the finding specific to this RN group. RN respondents reported performing a wide range of nursing and non nursing activities, and only 61 per cent indicated that they felt they worked to full scope. That so many RN respondents were performing below their scope of practice may be the result of employer and organizational policies or a lack of understanding and awareness of scope of practice. The authors propose that family practice residency training programs adopt a standardized approach to the role of RNs.