Socialization tactics and newcomer adjustment: A meta-analytic review and test of a model

TitleSocialization tactics and newcomer adjustment: A meta-analytic review and test of a model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSaks AM, Uggerslev KL, Fassina NE
JournalJournal of vocational behavior
ISBN Number0001-8791
KeywordsMeta-analysis, Newcomer adjustment, Newcomers, Organization theory, Role models, Socialization, Socialization tactics, Studies

One of the most popular and often studied topics in the organizational socialization literature is Van Maanen and Schein's theory of organizational socialization tactics. Over 30 studies on socialization tactics have been conducted in the past 20 years. In this meta-analysis, the authors examine the relationships between six socialization tactics and various indicators of newcomer adjustment as well as the moderating effects of study design (cross-sectional vs. longitudinal), measurement scale (use of complete vs. modified tactics scale), and type of newcomer (recent graduates vs. other newcomers). The results indicate that institutionalized socialization tactics were negatively related to role ambiguity, role conflict, and intentions to quit, and positively related to fit perceptions, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job performance, and a custodial role orientation. Support was found for a mediation model of newcomer adjustment in which role conflict, role ambiguity, and fit perceptions partially mediate some of the relationships between the socialization tactics and distal outcomes of adjustment. The implications of these results for research and practice are discussed.