Belleville Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

This video focuses on the importance of adopting a client-centred care approach to maximize nurses’ full scope of practice. A critical enabler to this work is the presence of a leader who incorporates the goal of full scope of practice as part of the clinic’s vision. Communicating this goal to all members of the team and ensuring ongoing, open discussion are important steps to achieving full scope of practice within a client centred culture. Other enablers include breaking down hierarchical structures and valuing the contribution of each member of the primary care team. The outcomes demonstrated include increased access to care, better health outcomes, staff satisfaction, a positive work environment and effective interprofessional collaboration and care coordination.

Rideau Family Health Team

Family physicians enabling nurses’ full scope of practice: A driving force for change in primary care.

Lakehead Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

Trusting relationships and a culture of learning enable nurses' full scope of practice.

North Perth Family Health Team

The role of the nurse in primary care: What maximizing nurses' full scope of practice really means?

Le Centre de Santé Communautaire du Temiskaming

Investing in teams to deliver the best possible health care to clients is critical to maximizing nurses' full scope of practice.

Bramalea Community Health Centre

Nurses and strong leadership: Key factors in maximizing nurses' full scope of practice.